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This is a public service announcement paid for by the Mountain Messenger Newspaper, Sierra County’s leading animal bedding for over 159 years.


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Yummy breads, donuts, cakes and delights
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Eastern Plumas Health Care

EPHC is working to keep our population healthy and reduce the cost of health care.
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Aging Gracefully
Low Cost Lab Testing
Longer Doctor Hours

Lee Adams
Supervisor, District 1

(530) 289-3506 Phone

Peter W. Huebner
Supervisor, District 2

(530) 862-1004 Phone
(530) 862-1005 Fax

Bill Nunes
Supervisor, District 3

(530) 994-3222 Phone

Dave Goicoechea
Supervisor, District 4

(530) 993-4059 Phone

Scott Schlefstein
Supervisor, District 5

(530) 993-4900 Phone
(530) 913-9218 Mobile

More Cooter HERE.
Cooter Dog 
He's a good boy!

Yeah, but who are you going to believe, your best friend, or your lying eyes?

So you went over to see Cooter and
left me here... You took some of my treats and gave them to Cooter.. Did you even tell him they were from me? Why couldn't I go, what's wrong with you? You know how I feel about Cooter.


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