Sierra County Businesses

It pays to advertise...
The Sierra County Prospect is seizing an increasing market share, as news and entertainment moves from paper to the world wide web.

We have identified a niche in Sierra County and the Gold Country.  Our goal is to provide news and entertainment to those with interest in the region.  After six months online we've concluded our market value as compared to other news and entertainment in the area.


Single issue, your graphics, our choice of placement, standard ad (approx. 10 square inches at 1024X786)  $4.00

Single issue, our graphics, our choice of placement, standard ad (approx. 10 square inches at 1024X786) $8.00

Monthly: Standard, $10.00; Double, $20.00  Full page of your own with link from standard ad on front: $50.00; Double to full page link, $60.00 

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