Animal Relief Fund
~Rachel Guffin

Here are the winners of the Best Dressed Pet Parade! 
We had 10 entries this year!

1st - Mary Davey and Sierra "The Hungry Elf"
2nd - Mary Johnson and Trudy "The Reindeer"
3rd - Diane Rollins and Go-go (donkey)

Best Santa - Deb Ellison - Lola and Breze - Mr. & Mrs. St. Nick
Best Coat - Julianna Keyes - Pumpkin - Angel
Cutest Trio - Cindy McCreary, Roxie and Chloe - Hawaiian tourists
Best Linebacker - Danielle Williamson - Conan (walked by Jenifer) - Mommy's Christmas Gift
Most Poised - Sam White - Wilson (in a wagon)
Best Manners - Mandy Carleton - Rhett
Best Wiggle - Scott and Carol Kellerman - Digger (also won the door prize stuffed bear).

 Animal Relief Fund 
Dog Walking Service

 The Animal Relief Fund is providing dog walking services. Are you short on time? Do you have an overactive dog who needs extra exercise? Perhaps your dog just needs a walk around the block.


$5 for a trip around the block
$10 for trail hiking
$20 for a day trip (lakes, trails, etc.)  

Destructive behaviors like digging, shredding things and self-mutilation, along with constant barking are all signs of boredom which can be fixed with exercise and a little one-on-one time. Walking is a natural energy outlet for your fuzzy loved ones along with mental and physical stimulation. Other advantages are socialization and better manners!

Experience: 4 years volunteering with animal handling for Butte Humane Society, 2 years animal handling with the North Valley Animal Disaster Group (Butte County), animal handling courses with Dog Scouts of America, animal first aid, rattlesnake awareness. Can handle all types of dog - small dogs, large dogs, pullers and dogs who aren't well behaved on a leash.

All proceeds go to the Animal Relief Fund (530) 289-2720

ARF-Animal Relief Fund is now on iGive.  iGive is a great way to give back to your favorite cause while continuing to do what you already do online - shopping and surfing!  Every search generates 1-2 cents and the over 700 participating stores donate a percentage of your purchase back to ARF.  If you shop online within the first 45 days of signing up, ARF will get a $5 bonus donation!  Some of the stores on iGive include Barnes and Noble, Amazon, Harry and David and many more of your favorite stores.  If you would like to sign up to search and shop for ARF just follow this link 

Hard times for families are hard times for pets, too

Animals are a big part of many families’ lives. During this financial downturn many people are forced to decide between feeding their pets or themselves.
There are some emergency food options for people but not for pets.

The Animal Relief Fund (ARF) is being established for people in Sierra County who are in need of emergency food for their animals.

If you need these services please contact Rachel Guffin at or by phone 530-289-2720. All services are confidential.

As this program is just beginning, monetary donations are always welcome and accepted at the Wells Fargo branch in Downieville (just let the teller know you are donating to the Animal Relief Fund).  If you are not in county, please mail your donation (never mail cash) to:
Wells Fargo
326 Main St
Downieville, CA 95936
ATTN: Animal Relief Fund

Oil Spill
Cleanup Effort

  Most everyone has heard about the Deepwater Horizon oil spill (aka Gulf of Mexico oil spill) and the clean up efforts going on.  There is a group called Matter of Trust who is collecting human hair, animal fur and wool clippings along with nylons to make booms that will protect beaches and coastal water.  It's safe, non-toxic and soaks up the oil fast!
   The Animal Relief Fund will be collecting hair, fur, wool and nylon donations to be sent out for this project.  I urge Groomers and Hair Salons especially to participate in this program since they have an abundance of hair/fur that would otherwise be thrown away.  Get your Furminator out or your clippers and get to work!  If you would like to donate please call me Rachel Guffin at 289-2720.  If you would like to sign up yourself go to this link

Check out the Animal Relief Fund website!

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