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Lion's Club 75th Annual Student Speakers Contest

Photo:  L to R
Hannah Ford, Jessica Baiker Fiona Baiker, Bryan Bosworth, Kylie Marshall, Savannah Burr
Six Downieville High School students entered the The Lion's Club 75th Annual Student Speakers Contest.  The topic was,"What Could the America of Yesterday Teach the America of Tomorrow?"  This year's winner, Bryan Bosworth, will compete at the Zone Level on March 4th, 2012 in Nevada City.  The Downieville Lion's Club  thanks all who attended and helped with this worthy project.


Honored Guest

The District 4-C5 Governor of the International Lions Club, James 
Fong,  honored Downieville Lions Club with an official visit on August 
22. During his visit the DG welcomed two new members into the club, 
Mary Ervin of Sierra City and Julie Noll of Downieville by officially 
inducting them into the club.

District Governor James Fong is presented with a
signed photograph of Big Springs Falls by Darby Hayes
as a tribute to his visit to Sierra County.

Janet Brandon of Downieville attended the Downieville
Lions Club as a guest of her husband Director Paul Brandon
and was surprised and pleased to win the raffle, a copy of
the historical book "Downieville" by James Sinnott.

Julie Noll and Mary Ervin are inducted
into the Downieville Lions Club by District
Governor James Fong.

Downieville Lions Club tag for kids donation

Here is Downieville Lions Club President Bernie Stringer accepting a very generous donation of four Santa Claus-sized bags of toys from Brian Jamison and The Devil's Mountain Brigade. The gift's were collected at the Brigade's Annual Christmas Party held recently in Nevada City.

The Downieville Lions Club would like to thank all those who made a donation and picked up a "tag for kids" for our annual Christmas toy drive. We would also like to thank the Downie Chapter 1849 of E. Clampus Vitas for their sizeable cash donation to our cause. We are truly blessed by the generosity of our community! Merry Christmas to all.

Lions at the Pick and Shovel

Randy Witt, Grass Valley Host Lions and current Zone
Chairman makes a presentation at the Downieville
Lions Club held at the Pick & Shovel Eatery in Downieville.
He requested Downieville assistance in some of their

Rachel Guffin receives the ABDUL award from Lion
President Bernie Stringer. The award is for Rachel's
work in founding and running the ARF (Animal Rescue
Fund) helping provide food and medical care for needy
animals in Sierra County. ABDUL was a black labrador
known for his rescue work.


Lions at Sierra City Oktoberfest-- A Great Meal Was Had By All!
photos from Michelle Anderson

Peter Huebner and Michelle Anderson

Karen Galan (yellow vest) Peter Huebner (checks) and Michelle Anderson (in hat)

Ross Gordon and Mike Galan

Ross Gordon

Lions Honor Animal Relief Fund
photos and story by Liz Fisher

Rachel Guffin, CEO and Founder of ARF, and her mother Linda Guffin, 
spoke to the Downieville LIons Club about the activities of the Animal 
Rescue Fund and its future.
ARF has been active just over a year and provides financial assistance 
for food and medical treatment for pets. In addition Rachel often 
finds herself transporting animals to new homes or to a pet rescue 
organization. There are sad stories but also many happy results in 
saving a pets life when the alternatives were bad news.
Rachel hopes to establish ARF as a non-profit organization in the near 
future and to expand and bring services to the Sierra Valley side of 
Sierra County.
Sheriff John Evans praised Rachels efforts and mentioned that Animal 
Control and Community Services Officer Brian Leap would be willing to 
work with Rachel on projects and pointed out that the Truckee Animal 
Shelter that Sierra County contracts with is a non-kill shelter.
Rachel was honored for her work by the DLC with a plaque of 
Appreciation and a $100 donation to ARF.

Linda Guffin talks, Rachel listens and Don Russell looks cute...

Lions Club hears from Measure C Supporters
photos and story by Liz Fisher

Stan listens to Jim

Downieville Lions Club invited Superintendent of Schools Stan Hardeman 
and Downieville Principle James Berardi to talk about Measure C on the 
ballot this November. The 5 million dollar bond measure will be used 
for school facilities only, not salaries. A list of items the funds 
will be used for include: repair and replace leaky roofing; upgrade 
and replace hazardous electrical systems and wiring; modernize and 
restore restrooms; provide heating, cooling and ventilation; repair 
broken and replace broken and inefficient windows; restore and replace 
plumbing and heating systems, provide hot water; correct destructive 
drainage systems; modernize classroom furniture and equipment; ensure 
outdoor safety lighting and alarms; and renovate, construct and equip 
Science Labs for students.

Lions listen

The duo made it clear this is their last option, the school district 
has investigated all sources. The schools often do not qualify for 
financial programs due to a small rural population and high test 
scores. State or federal government cannot be counted on to meet the 
needs. If the measure fails federal and state law require schools to 
provide clean, sound and safe facilities, by law the district must 
comply with making repairs. The money will have to come from the 
school district's general fund which would result in the loss of jobs 
for teachers, staff and community members and severe program cuts. 
However if the Bond passes the District will be able to apply for 
matching funds at no district cost and this will allow the district to 
address significant needs of the facilities and students.

Sheriff John listens too

Both Hardeman and Berardi encouraged the community to get involved 
with Friends of Sierra Plumas Schools, P.O. Box 277, Loyalton, CA 

Russell falls asleep

Downieville Lions Club Shatters Glass Ceiling
Bulanti Reporting

Dateline: Downieville

The Downieville Lions Club thanks all of you for your support during our hamburger booth fundraiser held Saturday, September 4th. Proceeds of our efforts directly support community activities ranging from High School scholarships and basketball programs to eyesight examinations and the food bank. Without your support we could not offer much needed financial assistance.

This event also marked the shattering of the glass ceiling when Michelle “make mine rare” Anderson volunteered (and was allowed) to be one of the BBQ chefs. This was the first time the Downieville Lions Club has had a female BBQ chef. Under the guidance of Master Grillers Mike Galan and Jim Johnston, Michelle performed like a champ. We would also like to thank Lions Lou and Nancy Phillippi, Greg Bulanti and Ross Gordon. A special thank you to Cindy McCreary for the use of the parking lot. Watch for Michelle to be grilling at our next BBQ event!


Tom Schumann becomes a Downieville Lion Club member

Lifetime member Al Pratti does the honors.

Downieville– The Downieville Lions Club is beginning their annual calendar project. Local businesses may place ads on the year round calendar. Local residents place their birthdays, anniversaries and memorials within the calendar.

All of the benefits go directly to the Lion’s scholarship fund for Downieville High School. The calendar has been found to help husbands and wives, parents and children, friends and enemies to remember important events and hence continue to live peacefully in Sierra County with happiness all around.

A single space ad on the year round calendar is $48, a double $96 and individual listings are fifty cents each, each calendar is $4. Special rates are available for bulk orders in advance. For more information contact Doris Pratti at 289-3623, Liz Fisher at 289-3632, Dee Bulanti at 289-3377 or Jan Patton at 862-0607

Downieville Lions Club installs new officers.

Installation dinner was held at the Wooden Trout in Downieville. Ceremony was conducted by  Life Member Al Pratti.

Left to right: Past Prez. Larry Allen, New Prez James Johnston, Vice President Bernie 
Stringer, 2nd VP Louise Heubner, Treasurer Ross Gordon, 3rd VP Liz Fisher

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