One Year in the Prospect

One Year in the Prospect

The Prospect began with an article not archived, that showed paint peeling. Also in the first edition, guns were stolen from the Sierra Valley Gun Club.

The links below are to a few of our works through the year. Some of them have become damaged in the archive and have repeated sections like this

become damaged in the archive and have repeated sections like this.

The Prospect came out against the Fire District One Mitigation Fee, which didn’t make us many friends at first. If it were proposed today, we’d handle it the same way.

We also looked at unemployment in one of those early issues. It’s applicable today.

We looked at Global Climate change.

We did a piece on your Prospect on Geegle.

On April 1st, we reported illegal growers in the hills.

We took on the AP.

We asked that we distinguish ourselves from a police state.

We spoke for the 2nd Amendment.

We whined about the poor news available.

We did a story on the denial of marriage benefits on the basis of genitalia.

We asked if county department heads make too much.

We crowned ourselves King of Loyalton.

We introduced a great new commentator, Juvani Frisk.

We got Agita.

We joined the army of do gooders and insisted on Riding Mower Control. 

We reported on crime, badgered the Board of Supervisors, said goodbye to some friends and cousins, and generally worked to keep you aware of what we were aware there was to be aware of, and more.

Thanks for joining us, stay aboard and we’ll see what 2010 brings!

The Sierra County Prospect Staff

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