Front Page 060210

We’re sick of the news and it only promises to get worse.

We need a day off from it, and we hope you do too. 
Therefore, we begin with this:

Bizzare Hen Crows Every Morning!
It’s true, this hen, called "Hillary" crows every morning. She’s tone deaf and usually about half an hour behind the sun, but every morning she flies to the top of a fence post to crow.

Local News

We bring you the news from the Board of Supervisors meeting yesterday:
Arnie and Kevel Gutman are in town and were received with great joy.
The witty and jovial Mr. Gutman attended the Board meeting to remind himself of why he’s glad he’s not on the Board anymore.

Arnie and Peter, and Arnie talking with Don Russell. (I thought about getting up and walking around for the shot, but I’d just sat down.)




 A cloud that looks exactly like a whale! 
This cloud looked exactly like a whale, but by the time we’d gotten the camera, it changed.


Here are some page links to keep our numbers high (don’t expect much):

Sheriff Shows Up Economic Develpment Committee: marijuana arrests help keep local prices, profits high.

Fringe/Dissenting pro con
: California Assembly puts poopers on 2nd Amendment

Local Meanie speaks against Nice Gentleman at Board of Supervisor’s meeting.

Meg Whitman Vs. Jerry Brown: Suicide Hotline braces for California gubernatorial race.

Go for a Walk with Cooter! 

A Bear is seen in Downieville!!!!!!!

A few more spring photos from both sides of the hill.









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