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My Dear Ms Fisher:

Liz, you ignorant slut. The fundament of what you are missing is 
this: government.

Your argument that it makes no sense to carry an unloaded gun may 
well be convincing to you. Very well, don't carry one.

Not at issue are gunfights in the streets. Nor alien invasions. Nor 
are the pleasures of your youth that may or may not be available to 

At issue is your feeling of intimidation. We hold these truths to be 
self-evident: tough shit, and toughen up.

It is not the point of American government to hold your cute little 
hand and make you feel secure at all times in all places. For that, I 
suggest you move to a culture that prizes security over freedom. In 
fact, the ever-present law of unintended consequences pops up and it 
is now illegal for me to carry my gun to your house, even if I didn't 
want to shoot you.

Russell's Second Rule: Just because it's a good idea doesn't make it 
a good law.

You are hereby sentenced to another 16-week course in Civics, in 
which you evidently  did not excel in a previous life.

ever yr servant

2Views on the new anti-gun assembly bill, which prevents people from carrying even unloaded guns in public or loaded guns anywhere.

The Dissenting Editor Likes the New Law! 

What’s the Point?

If you carry your weapon on a gun belt and it is unloaded, what’s the point? Are you saying, "it doesn’t matter if I have a little penis cause I got a gun."

It just doesn’t make sense. Sure you have a gun, but we all know it isn’t loaded, except for the guy who doesn’t care about the news and has an illegal, loaded concealed weapon and decides to take you on. Oh, sure you can say, " wait a minute, while I load my gun."

Yeh, that’s going to work.

I’m not interested in going back to the days of gunfights in the streets. Keep you weapons unloaded and at home.

I know you fear the government and stake your life on the "right to bear arms", but geez, if outer space aliens invade you should be home protecting your family.

Meanwhile I just want to go to the store or have a cup of coffee without feeling intimidated or threatened and worried that maybe some nutcase is going to lose it because you are wearing a gun.

My brother and I got over the old sixshooter on the waist by the time we were 10 years old. Please grow up.

on the new anti-gun assembly bill, which prevents people from carrying even unloaded guns in public or loaded guns anywhere.

The Fringe Editor Doesn't Like The Bill!

Assembly Decrees Only Cops and Criminals May Carry Guns

In chambers that must have smelled faintly of the piddle of fear, the assembly recently narrowly passed a bill that would make it illegal to carry an unloaded firearm. Currently, if a firearm is unloaded you may carry it openly.

The Bill has almost nothing to do with public safety, even though every anti-firearm activist on the list has had something stupid to say about it, including the ever popular "it sends the wrong message to children," which saying has come to be the hallmark of nonsense arguments.

Indeed, the bill insults (Sam Paredes of CA Gun Owners said "urinated on") two freedoms.

The first, of course, is the 2nd Amendment of the U.S. Constitution which promises citizens the right to defend themselves with a firearm.

The second is less obvious. The bill is actually a response to demonstrations by Open Carry, an activist group. Thus, the California Assembly in its rabbit-brained reaction deprives us of the freedom of speech and objection as well.

Here’s to you, California Assembly, you are as brave as you are thoughtful, and as patriotic as you are brave.

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