Your Pristine Sierra Lk

The Sierra Lake of the Future

Pristine Sierra Lake Adventure
Presented by The Nature Corporation and Deer Lake Pristine Enterprises ©.

Welcome to Deer Lake, designated by Congress as the Pristine Sierra Lake.

To prepare you for your Pristine Sierra Lake adventure, here are a few reminders:

  • There is no parking near the lake: park at the Gold Lake Terminal and take the shuttle up to the lake.  
  • Watch your carbon footprint!  Remember that your breath contains carbon dioxide, which adds to the acidity of the lake.  We ask that you take shallow breaths during your stay, and should the view become breath-taking, hold your breath, instead.
  • Do not collect rocks from around the lake!  Rocks and stones around the lake serve many valuable purposes including holding soil.  Please do not attempt to take rocks.  The gift shop sells granite rocks from the Yosemite quarry which are identical in look and feel to Deer Lake rocks.  Remember, if each visitor took one rock, there would be no mountains left.
  • If you wish to touch the water, “Touching Times” are 9:00 A.M. and 3:00 P.M. at the “Touching” view tunnel.  There is a $17.00 fee per hand and a $24.00 fee for each foot; this is to cover the cost of disinfecting prior to “touching,” the “touching sleeve” and supervision.  Unfortunately, this is not available to anyone diagnosed with rectal bivalves infestation (TNC and Deer Lake Pristine Enterprises are awaiting a decision under an ADA case.)  

Fishing in Deer Lake:
Once each year the winner of a drawing will be allowed to enter the lake and catch one fish.  Entry for the drawing is $137.00, nonrefundable.  The winner agrees to allow TNC/DLPE to use photos from the event in promotional material.  The winner is guaranteed one fish and is allowed to keep the waders and other protective equipment used.

Fun Facts about Deer Lake!

  •  Deer Lake is the last pristine lake in the Sierra Nevada Range, and was so designated by Congress in 2055.
  •  Deer Lake is over 7,000 feet high!
  •  There are over 300 wild born rainbow/golden/brook trout, which are believed to look very similar to the brook trout that were originally planted here.
  •  Deer Lake not a natural lake, but is a reservoir.
  •  Deer Lake is the last lake in the Sierra Nevada range to be free of invasive mollusks.
  •  Deer Lake is the last lake in the Sierra Nevada range to contain trout other than the rapacious Lahontan Cutthroat/Ruby Rainbow hybrid which has wiped out trout in nearby lakes.

Enjoy your Pristine Sierra Lake Adventure!
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