Wiggins Sucks

Wiggins law sucks

It’s well known up and down the Yuba and tributaries that the governator signed SB 670, the anti dredging bill. It scarcely mattered as the Fish and Game had already been under court order not to issue further permits.

At stake is a lawsuit in which it was claimed that the California Department of Fish and Game and other agencies allowed suction dredging which stirs up mercury left by the earlier gold rush. Mercury is a nerve toxin, but there isn’t much real evidence that suction dredging actually increases the amount of free mercury.

The law negates the permit process and doesn’t refund the cash for those who already purchased permits.

Eventually, perhaps, the state will create the standards the suit requires, and which the law now awaits.

Dredgers got together in Downieville to complain.  We don't blame them, this is bullshit.

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