Why Are We So Dumb


Why are we so dumb?

 Opinion from the Dissenting Editor

We complain about government and paying taxes and yet we pay the lowest rate in the world, and the more you make the less you pay percentage wise.


Taxes come back to us in the form of jobs. Jobs created by hiring contractors, suppliers, vendors and a myriad of items. Restaurants, automobiles, clothing, groceries, computers, televisions, paper supplies, ink supplies and pretty much any item you can think of that a paycheck can purchase.


It is our tax dollar coming back to us. Politicians earn their money, as do the CEO’s, Officers and employees of a corporation or small business. All that money goes back into the economy in the form of purchases from private enterprise, both small and large.


Why do we resent government social security and health benefits? This allows people to retire and still have money to spend on necessities and even some entertainment, maybe a new TV, a bicycle for exercise and of course food on the table. They buy these items from small and large businesses.


Why are we encouraging people to retire at a later age? We keep older people in the workplace as long as possible so they won’t live too long after retirement. Why? When someone retires it opens a job, a job for a new employee costs the employer less and begins the cycle again.


It just seems to make so much sense and yet somehow we buy the thought that we have to forget about retiring, if we don’t have medical care we will die sooner and it is important to pay less taxes because the wealthy don’t want to pay their share.


So, how did we get to be so dumb?


Liz Fisher


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