What the H*** Was That?

What the H*** was that?

YUBA PASS--Folks in the peaceable areas of Sierraville, Sattley and even Calpine were brought up short on Tuesday by some terrible blasts which shook windows and, well, that’s all, just shook windows.

Turns out the blasts were caused by miscreants who were stealing some of the Yuba’s most prominent roadside boulders.

These boulders, one of which was big enough to carve a roadside diner, had been significant local attractions.  The boulders were the focus of interest of frequent travelers of Hwy 49, who wondered when the stones would roll out on the road and route everyone through Gold Lake road.

The vandals were gone by the time Prospect investigators arrived on scene. However, the evidence was everywhere to be seen.

Here is where the boulders were:


Here are the shattered remains:

The scoundrels tried to stash some of the boulders here:


It is assumed the boulders were blasted to provide "rock" to addicts in Los Angeles, after it has been cut with common "portland cement".

Another theory says Cal Trans did it.

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