What Century Are We in?

What Century are We In?

Prospect as Time Machine

It was nearly the 21st Century before the fully internet newspaper appeared. In that sense, the Prospect is a 21st Century proposition.

In another sense, it is rooted in the middle 20th or even late 19th century. Though gold is no longer king in the Sierra county economy, and cattle and timber are diminished from glory days, the county is still very much rooted in those days and those ways. People still saddle up and push lowing cattle through the early morning mist, though now likely they’ll be loaded on a truck instead of herded to the railhead. There still are a few people who drop trees for a living, and even, until this year, a few who pulled their dinner from the sediment of the river.


Likewise, there are not a few alive in the county who would be at home in the 19th Century. Their sensibilities have to be considered, and they aren’t a patient lot.

At the same time, it’s the 21st Century, even in Sierra County. The activities of a heavy equipment manufacture in Szechwan Province matter to us.

We try to accommodate those different eras, and readers should find something from all of them in the Sierra County Prospect.

The world wide web, stolen from Google using Google Images

We appreciate all our readers, and we try to present something challenging, interesting and reaffirming to everyone.

Thanks for joining us in our time machine!

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