Truth on Teen Center

Truth on the Teen Center

Recently the Prospect had great fun with local rumors regarding the Loyalton Middle School.  We puffed the rumors up to demonstrate how silly some were, but an event earlier this week drove home how serious the subject actually is.

The Loyalton Teen Center could be located in the Loyalton Middle School; it would be a good use for the school, and an important service to the community. 

How important is the Teen Center?

It's easy to become dramatic at times like this, but it isn't dramatic to say it might have saved the life of one of our community's kids; it might save the next.  Indeed, the Prospect has gone on record in support of the teen center.  We encourage you to do so, too.

Below is notice for a public meeting on the Teen Center.  Please attend.

In accordance with voter-initiated Proposition 63 Mental Health Services Act:






Thursday, April 22, 2010

12:00pm – 1:30pm

DeMartini House – 207 Front Street, Loyalton




MHSA Capital Facilities Proposal
Additional Capital Facilities funding will allow renovation of a specific portion of the Loyalton Middle School to function as a Teen Center. 

MHSA Innovations Proposal
MHSA Innovations funding to facilitate Teen Center operations.


A light lunch will be provided.
Transportation and child care services are available.


Please contact Kara Yegge at 530-993-6744 or with questions or comments. 

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