Thots From The Fringe

Thots from the Fringe  051511

Warning: potty mouth


These are some things I wonder:

Did the producers of “Despicable Me” have to pay Bill Gates to use his likeness?

Does Mr. Spock poop green?

Does everyone eventually get told “you’re like a peach pit in the colon of life”?

Does igpay atinlay actually sound like any anguagelay?


Some Observations:

Nearly everyone assumes they’re right most of the time, but generally speaking people are right as often as chance would dictate given the universe of possible opinions on most subjects.

Everyone knows we’re all naked under our clothes, yet a surprising number of people and their husbands get offended if you say “I’ll bet you’re naked under all those clothes, aren’t you”.

People will be mildly disgusted if you show them a raccoon scat, but will become angry if you simply describe a reeking, glistening, tarry, hair clotted twist of raccoon crap, even though you really haven’t done anything.

At some point a hairpiece is worse than being bald.  It says “bald” in the same way a low cut blouse says “boobs”. 

Wherever the dead go, they’re quiet about it.

People almost never resent you acting less intelligent than you are, but often resent you acting more intelligent than they are.

“Tits north” is a phrase you don’t hear much anymore, even though the whole state of California is about to go that way. 


Firm Beliefs:

If I had to inhabit your body, with your history, your predispositions and your social context I would probably behave much as you do. 

Talking about God doesn’t make you godly any more than talking about food makes you chili.

If there were no poor there would be very little point to being wealthy.

There are strong evolutionary pressures to be mediocre; nature favors the elite but prefers the middling.


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