The Siiiimpsooons


The Simpsons Break In 21st year

The Simpsons, the cerebral, post modern animated comedy that gave us "Don’t have a cow, man" has turned 20. If you have never seen the Simpsons, you don’t get to take part in the discussion, go sit in study hall for awhile.

There have been over 451 episodes, most have been broadcast hundreds or thousands of times. The wry, ironic humor of the Simpsons has found its way into every day language. Homer’s signature "D’oh!" is found in dictionaries, as is "cormulent," a word coined by Lisa which denotes affirmative acceptance: It’s cormulent with me.

As a vehicle for social commentary, the Simpsons is on par with history’s best.




It is almost impossible to find unlicensed Simpsons graphics.
We bring you instead: the Bush Family, Homer, Marge, Bart, Lisa, Maggie and some others.

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