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If the contest were held today, marijuana would be legalized by about the same margin as Prop 8: 52% to 48%.

Prop 19 (read about it HERE ) would legalize possession and regulate and tax sale of cannabis products in California.  

The chances of passing are high, and will probably get better as the election nears.  There is some speculation that this measure might spur some to vote, particularly younger voters and Baby Boomers.  The list supporting the measure is high (see link above) and the list opposing it short and predictable.  

The Prospect has for over a year now encouraged Sierra County, both the government and the people, to grip the future and make some “hay” while the sun shines.

There will be a rat’s nest of legal issues to untie; until that point, there seems to be very little keeping the County from issuing permits, and attendant regulations, for the growing and sales of marijuana.  “Sales” means both take out and in café use.  Amsterdam has had cannabis bars for several years now; local entrepreneurs could attend Oaksterdam U. to learn to do things right.  

The Planning Department should take two minutes and create some simple, thoughtful, straight-forward regulations for on- and off- site sales in the county.  There should be a process by which proper individuals are screened and then issued a permit.
Let’s do it now.  Instead of having people from Downieville go to Grass Valley and Nevada City to spend money, let’s have them come here.
Once cannabis is legal, counties where people with more lively imaginations live will be making all the greenbacks off the green.

Here are some seeds you might need to get started.  A reminder for the eager: Prop 19 hasn’t been approved yet, and unless you have a doctor’s recommendation, you might want to wait a bit longer.  
The Prospect doesn’t have the experience necessary to recommend one seed company or another, but THIS SITE has the best photos.

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