TU hosts TNC

Trout Unlimited Hosts The Nature Conservancy 082510

The Feather River Chapter of Trout Unlimited hosted The Nature Conservancy to discuss their activities in the Northern Sierra.

J. Gaitner, biologist for TNC discussed how areas are chosen for TNC participation.  He also discussed the problem of Aquatic Invasive Species.

Chris Fichtel, from The Nature Conservancy, Nevada, is project director of Independence Lake.  The Lahonton Cutthroat Trout is very rare, but there is a wild population in the lake.  TNC is taking precautions to prevent infestation.  

Prospect Photo

The Nature Conservancy works with other groups including the CA DFG to protect the trout and other native species in the lake.  There are many native plants and animals in the lake, and only four invasive species, which is very few for lakes in the Sierra.

FRC of TU will have other informational public meetings in the future.  
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