TAS Feel Up or Burn

Short Wave or Long Lingering Touch 112410

After the attacks in 2001 our nation went nuts.  Someone had actually done what everyone knew someone could do, they used commercial jets to kill civilians and destroy property.

Since that time Americans have shown their true color to the world, and it’s neither blue nor red, it’s yellow.  Flying in and out of America makes you special, and you get special treatment.  If American bureaucrats can do something, they can certainly over-do it.

We lost our way when we began to accept the idea that the government would protect us from everything.  It’s a very new idea, and one that has allowed government to grow and intrude into our lives in marvelous ways.  Americans seem to want government to swaddle them with safety.

Swaddled baby from Swaddlebaby.net 

All right, if not swaddle them with safety, how about burn them with radiation and feel them up?

Americans, and those unfortunate enough to travel in or to the U.S., have to endure search techniques which are humiliating and dangerous.  Further, they simply won’t stop someone from blowing up or taking over an airplane.  The government can not save you, beyond reasonable precautions.  No one should suggest we drop all airport security, but the evidence doesn’t seem particularly strong that even the most stringent airport security can stop a determined person.  

So, Americans who are actually not in very great danger of terrorists, subject themselves to radiation which strips them of their clothes and hair, or body searches which would be sexual assault in any other context.
This isn’t a dramatization, it’s the fact, “pat down” searches are intrusive, touching genitals and chest and between the cheeks, down there.  And they apply to everyone, old and young.

It doesn’t reflect very well on our national courage or dignity, but there might be one small silver lining, and it’s in the area of job creation.  After all, there probably aren’t too many jobs out there for people who know how to touch children or old people like that.   

This is purported to be a real scan from a short wave full body scanner;
we couldn’t verify or disprove it.  Either way, we’ll suggest it’s possible
for a normal guy to look at this and really not see the gun.  If he could
see the gun in the scan, he might have noticed the gun-shaped bulge in her jeans.

Don’t think it’s intrusive?  Read HERE.

Don’t think it’s dangerous?  Read THIS, sent in by an astute reader:

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