Supreme Court: myob
Supreme Court passes on California Counties’ attempt to circumvent California Law

The Supreme Court declined to hear a suit brought by two California counties which would have allowed them to defy California law in favor of Federal law.
San Diego and San Bernadino counties had fought the law “all the way to the Supreme Court,” only to be shown the door.
The denial means that those counties and all California counties have to allow medical marijuana use and to some degree, distribution.
Medical Marijuana was allowed by California voters in 1996.  Since then, some law enforcement agencies have tried to drag their feet, claiming that the Feds, and not the people of their counties, pay their wages, so they would follow Federal law.  Now, that excuse doesn’t hold air.
This, in addition to new policies by the Obama administration which end Federal attacks on California citizens, are good news for those using cannabis for medical treatment.
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