Sunday Editions Vacation

The snow is finally gone!

The Last Sunday Edition For A while 061211

The Fringe Gets Lazy


The Prospect has been purveying its product twice a week for some time now, but we’re going to bob the Sunday Edition for the summer.


Turns out Prospect staff determination to report, rereport or wholly construct the news diminishes in the summer.  The sun is out, the snow is gone, and we’re actually able to walk around on the ground.  Huddling over a keyboard in the dank headquarters of the Prospect wresting with the meaning of current events isn’t the fun it might seem at first telling. When the wolves are howling outside and windblown snow is plastering the woods with white death, the keyboard generates a little heat, keeping the gnarled arthritic knobs of the Fringe Editor's fingers from freezing.


But now, the sunshine is just too inviting.  We’ll likely go back to a Sunday edition when the weather again turns to crap, probably about October.


Until then, you’ll have to make up your own news on Sunday, or if you’re really desperate, turn to the networks and lessor papers. 


We'll still be here for you on Wednesdays!

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