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What is Our Relationship to California?  082210
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I happen to be eating grass fed beef at a local establishment with some of the more notorious members of the community, when I said “California has broken its moral contract with the counties; we don’t owe them anything.”
One of the group is an accident prone legal honcho, who said “Moral Contract” as though the concepts of “moral” and “contract” were pulling his head in two different directions at once.  
Also present was a pulp editor of notable windage.  He launched into the discussion as though the State was an ex-wife, pointing out in a few swift and practiced paragraphs all the ways California has failed us and why we owe it nothing.  
What is our relationship to California?  Essentially, we are a wife in the harem of Sacramento.  We ourselves can own very little, and we are nearly powerless to protect our children, the citizens.  The land we stand on belongs to Sacramento, as do the deer and birds of the forest, and the water in our streams.  It is by the blessing of Sacramento that we are “permitted” to live in a house, that we pursue a livelihood, that we live in the woods.  
For all Sacramento takes, it gives us highways to carry visitors past our businesses, cops of every description, rules enough to break an elephant’s back, and occasionally bread for our hungry and meds for those of us who can’t take it anymore.
Worse, in his myopia, Sacramento treats all his wives the same, regardless of their needs or circumstances.  He breaks our bank, our back and our will by requiring that we meet the needs only larger wives have.

That is our relationship to the state, and it’s one we should chew our own leg off to get out of.

Officially, a county is an “administrative unit” of the state.   Regardless how we feel about our community, a “county” is not a real sovereign entity; like a wife in a harem, we are convenient extension of his Greatness Sacramento himself.  

The Great Sultan Sacramento: Who’s Your Daddy?  Sultan Murad III

Personally, I’m tired of it.  True, Sierra County gets most of the money it has from the State, but more and more even of that stipend is being supplanted by off-brand macaroni and cheese and promises that money will come when Sacramento has done his “bidness”.  Sacramento still wants us to mind the children and collect their surplus cash, and he wants us ready when he parts the curtains, but he isn’t giving enough back.

I’ll say it again: California is more trouble than he’s worth.  He’s greedy, arbitrary, and is mean to the kids.   

The Fringe has already encouraged the Board to take some wild step.  If the State of Jefferson were a real deal, I’d continue to suggest that.  Maybe as a gesture, at least, the Board could sign on.
As the gusty gustatorialist from the pulp paper said, “do SOMETHING.”  Make the papers, so at least Sacramento won’t have his way with us in private.

It’s a partnership we don’t need.
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