Spring is on the way!

Summer on the way, weather guy says 060111


Just about everyone is tired of cloudy skies and freezing weather, but don’t get depressed, summer is on the way!  Claude E. Klimat, professor of weatherology at the Klimat Institute says summer is clearly just around the corner.

“Just a few more weeks of winter and we’ll burst into the July 4th season.  Temperatures will soar into the 90s just in time for fire season, and then cool off again at the end of August.  We can probably count on a white Halloween again this year!”


Locals have a saying about Sierra County weather: “If you don’t like the weather, wait a few minutes, it’ll get
worse.”   Bragging about sub-freezing temperatures on the 1st of June is a little like boasting about a musical behind, but it’s what we have to talk about.  There was a movement afoot in the county to convince everyone to talk about the weather somewhere else when they talked about the weather in the post office, but it didn’t catch on because the pessimists wanted to talk about how nice it was in the Caribbean, where, some old boys believe, women never get completely dressed, and the optimists wanted to talk about the floods and tornadoes elsewhere, to make the local weather seem good.  That’s like saying, “my daughter ain’t much to look at, but at least she doesn’t have a cow flop for a face like Cousin Belle.”


Still, we’re reminded that winter persists in other places in California, too.  Temperatures in Los Angeles have been cooler, hovering in the 70s.   Melonie Bustun, a professional sidewalk rollerblader in Hollywood said “it’s so chilly, it’s like high beams all the time.  I’m thinking of buying a sweater.  Do you know where I can find a sweater?”


The forecast calls for snow today and tonight, a rain of frogs and toads tomorrow, with temperatures increasing day after tomorrow when a hail of fire and brimstone are expected.


Don’t throw away that bathing suit yet, summer’s on the way!

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