Speed Deterrents


Sheriff's Office Speed Deterrents

Photos and text from Sheriff John Evans

Sierra County now has 2 passive speeder deterrents.   The original is "Manny the Mannequin" in a static post position.   The sheriff's office tows Manny around a couple of times a year and parks him in spots where we receive the most requests for his presence, to slow speeders down.   He is one of the hardest working deputies in that he never takes a break, never gets complaints nor does he ever complain.   He slows speeders down without ever having to write anyone a ticket.   A bit of Sierra County trivia is that the car he sits in is retired Deputy Sheriff III Joe Moseley's old patrol car.   In effect, "Smokin' Joe" is still out there helping public safety.   Recently Manny was moved out on to A-24 at the South end of "Six Mile Stretch" just North of the Loyalton City Park, Sierra Kids Day Care Center and the Loyalton Elementary School, probably for the winter.   Manny previously has been posted on the Main Streets of Downieville and Sierra City as well as on SR-89 coming into Sierraville from Truckee.


    Additionally, the sheriff's office spent about $12,000 on a new "Your Speed Is" flashing radar speed sign on South Lincoln Street (SR-89) in the Town of Sierraville between Willow Street and Beverly Lane.    Here is a picture of "Sandy" driving her red truck who helped with the action shot of the sign flashing her speed.   Sandy and her husband are visiting the area while working on a timber site off of Nichols Mill Road west of Sierraville.   Sandy commented that she knew she wasn't speeding, doing only 29, and gave us her permission to use her truck in the photo.   In the other picture you can see the original sole traffic signal in Sierra County, the flashing red light at the stop intersection of highways 89 and 49 (Main and Lincoln Streets) in Sierraville.   With the flashing radar sign, we now have two actual traffic lights.   The sign was installed and is maintained by the Sierra County Road Department and was placed at the request of Supervisor Bill Nunes upon many requests for help to slow traffic down in town by local residents and business members.   These are two ways Sierra County is trying to improve public safety without having to bring folks before the judge if we don't have to.   Please wish Manny well and remember to drive slow in our small towns where we like a slower pace.   Thank you! 


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