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Check out these cool photos, taken out by Boca.  They were sent in by a reader who believes they are “chemtrails” and not “contrails”.  There is a lot of speculation and conjecture about these trials; that fact is more interesting than the trails themselves.  Chemists have already pronounced chemtrails “non-existent as a scientific phenomenon”, saying they are simply the result of airplane engines, both jet and internal combustion, creating water vapor in cold air.  If conditions are right, if the air is cool enough and already filled with moisture, the tiny particles of water in the condensation trail (contrail) can recruit water vapor that is already in the air, and  not only will they persist for a long time, they will actually encourage long cloud structures to form.  Chemtrail proponents insist that contrails don’t last long, and eventually disappear.  But to a chemist, that’s like saying “steam” from your breath (virtually the same as a contrail) has chemicals in it some days but not others because it steams some days and not others.  This editor has had experiences in very cold “pogonip” weather where one’s breath would turn to tiny crystals of ice and linger behind you for several minutes.  Rarely do people breathe in the open air at 30,000 feet, or we might see more little puffs of breath in the deep sky.

It is at least worth a read of the pages of true chemtrail believers.  There are persuasive, if not compelling, arguments to suggest that someone is doing something to our air.

The photos are persuasive on their own: why would anyone fly airplanes in a grid pattern, if not to spread something evenly in the air?  The person who sent the photos said that the chemtrails have been tested and they are high in aluminum and barium, and he thinks the grid pattern is designed to protect the state from the impact of solar flares, which are particularly high right now. The solar wind, seen as the aurora borealis as far south as Alabama recently, is essentially electromagnetic in nature; the grid of metals could catch and diffuse the incoming solar flares.  If that conjecture isn’t the case, he’s still tied enough information together to provide a plausible hypothesis, at least without knowing more detail. 

Similarly, recently, scientists planned to launch a balloon which would ride high in to the atmosphere where it would release a large amount of water.  The point of the experiment isn’t the water, it’s the process of rising something into the high atmosphere to disperse it, as an aerosol.  It is expected the balloon might release particles which could cool the Earth.  The idea drew protest from groups as large as Green Peace, who feel that control of the weather through aerosols and other means could easily escalate to become the next arms race.  Others say that reducing global warming by high altitude aerosols, even if it works and probably it will backfire, is a bad idea when we should be working to simply reduce greenhouse gases by using the sun, not blocking it out.

Is weather control what the chemtrails are about?   THIS CHEMTRAIL SITE  talks about the use of aerosols to reduce global warming.


So, we have scientists who say there is no such thing as a chemtrail, and the government denying they are testing anything in the air, and yet no one seems to believe them.  The interesting question is why so many people are willing to believe that the government is dumping chemicals in the air they breathe. 

I’ll suggest it is because there is a sizeable number of people who simply don’t believe government, and don’t believe science.  Scientists might have the right to be surprised; government bureaucrats can’t make any claim to surprise.  People believe the government is myopic, procrustean, and arbitrary because it is.  Government does indeed lie to us, there absolutely are people in high places who could make such a decision and NEPA can go to hell.  Now more than ever, the government works for itself.  Most people would accept the idea of Homeland Security crisscrossing our skies with suspended metal particles, and though it might cause some people to bring in the laundry, very few people would be in a position to complain.  The government does what it wants to, we get that, and what it does often makes no sense, we get that, too.  Some of us accept it as our betters taking care of business we can’t understand; some accept it as the inevitable and ever present bullshit of government, but either way, few of us know, or can do much about it. We have a government that, among other things, builds itself apocalypse proof shelters hidden in hearts of mountains so leaders will survive while the rest of us take our chances with Armageddon, as though we’d been in charge when Armageddon happened.  The government, and scientists in the government employ, have tested nuclear weapons heedless of downwind consequences; they’ve admitted using aerosols over American cities to test biological materials dispersion.  We don’t even know everything they’ve actually done.  The people who are paying attention simply don’t believe the American government can be trusted. 

This is the backdoor to not believing scientists.  After all, when the government wants some doomsday device who does it go to, cowboys?  Old pot smoking Hippies? No, it goes to universities, it leases itself some scientists.  And, when a scientist, or even a hippie or pot smoking cowboy, once gets hooked into the government’s teat, it’s mighty hard to let go, and they’ll come to believe and do and justify whatever they’re told, for the good of the project, and to keep their funding.  Further, government contracts often or always contain sections which will fry a worker for disclosing facts about the project.  It’s science the government uses to take our children away; science it uses to curtail our use of the wilds, science to justify everything.  Scientists are not necessarily bad, they’re just government lackeys, bureaucrats with degrees. 

Besides, we also get that every few years scientists come along who say the previous scientists got it wrong, made mistakes, were ignorant of the true facts, which they now possess, of course.    In everything from use of pesticides to use of antibiotics to surgery and drugs, over and over science corrects itself: we were wrong, but now we have true facts. But we know new true facts making today’s facts wrong are down the road.

It’s also possible we keep our beliefs in chemtrails and Pilipino bloodless surgery, and every other unscientific thing we do to retain some magic in the world, some control over realms where science, in its smug certainty, can’t go. 


Are the long lasting plumes we’ve been seeing chemtrails?   It’s almost as bad if they’re just contrails, which aren’t only water vapor, but are loaded with particulate and chemical material, especially carbon.  No serious scientist or even informed amateur can doubt that pumping carbon out of the ground and into the air by the ton can be good for the planet.  A jet engine isn’t magic, it takes liquid fuel, uses some of the easy energy out of it, and then throws it into the sky.  It used to be common for aircraft to “dump” excess fuel raw into the air to make landing easier.  The trails in the sky especially if they occur through normal flight and not an intentional grid pattern, indicate that there are just too many aircraft in the sky.  If, when we looked up at a jet twinkling above us with four trails streaming behind, we saw not bright white water vapor, but soot which is certain to rain down on us, we’d be as upset as chemtrail believers are in what they see.  The problem is real and frightening, people really are spreading poison in the sky, it’s just that it isn’t aluminum and barium, it’s carbon and hydrocarbon.  Even if we owned that truth, all we can do is bring in the laundry.


Besides, we know that if the government isn’t spreading crap in the sky now, it most likely will eventually, almost certainly with catastrophic results.  It will happen because people will make money on it, because scientists will get grants and contractors will get contracts and bureaucrats will get retirement.  Why does anything happen in America?


Keep looking up! 


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