Sheriff's PSA

Wednesday 12 October 2011
Notice Regarding Special Office Operations Appointments
The following information is offered in an effort to greatly reduce some confusion and frustration for all involved. Due to the specialized training and therefore the specific assigning of the required personnel to perform the duties, the following functions of the sheriff’s office are generally done by advance appointment in the Downieville office. On rare occasions, it may be possible to call ahead to inquire if immediately available, including at both Loyalton and Downieville offices. In all cases however, it is recommended to call ahead of time prior to coming in for the functions listed below. Appointments should be scheduled in advance with Sergeant Michelle Anderson who is the corrections-communications/administrative operations supervisor. She can be reached directly at (530) 289-2880, or you may also call for general information to dispatch at (530) 289-3700. Thank you for your understanding and assistance.
#1) Livescan Fingerprinting Services
#2) Civil/Papers Service Matters
#3) Request for Copies of Sheriff-Coroner’s Office Reports
#4) Processing of All Sheriff’s Office Issued Permits (Carrying of Concealed Weapons, Explosives Use, Christmas Tree Transportation, Dance Events, Alcohol Beverage Control Events, Peddler’s, Etc.)
#5) Criminal Offender Personal Registrations (Sex Offender, Arsonists and Drug Offender, Including Required Submissions of D.N.A.; Etc.)

posted 3/28/10

Sheriff John Evans would like the public to be aware of the following:
1)   We have free gun locks available at both the main office in Downieville and the Sierra Valley Substation in Loyalton.   They are the small metal cable type and are free to the public without questions.   We ran out recently, then after the juvenile accidental discharge shooting in Loyalton, I ordered more from a program to offer them for the public.   We have lots of them.
2)    The sheriff's office, literally just accessed by the sheriff, has had a toll free and confidential phone number available for several years.   Sheriff Lee Adams created it years ago but I seldom receive any calls/messages.   I don't think the general public is aware of its existence.   It is only accessible to the sheriff, no one else and it is a voice-mail that I check at my desk only.    Previously it was only available to the west side of the county due to an error at the phone company.   It now works throughout Sierra County and the bordering areas for free.   It is (888) 2-SHERIFF or (888) 274-3743.   The public can leave just me a message for any crime information, comments on sheriff's office operations, staff compliments or requests for attention/complaints.   It is free!
3)   The sheriff's office is always looking for interested people to get involved in our volunteer services, such as Search and Rescue, Mounted Posse, Chaplain Services and Senior Home Checks and general volunteering services.   Anyone interested can contact me for additional information.
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