Sheriff Hires

New Resident Deputies

Sheriff John Evans announced that two new deputies are being hired as “resident deputies” which means they’ll have to live in the area they serve.  

According to Evans: “Jacob Murray will be hired the beginning of this week and required to live in Verdi resident deputy post. I expect to hire Nathan Rust as a deputy sheriff for the Sierra City resident post by the middle of November-he still has to complete some more of the hiring process, but it looks good for him to have that position. As you know, Jacob Murray currently is a reserve deputy going to full-time. Nathan Rust currently is a full-time corrections-communications officer going to full-time deputy. This will allow our part-time corrections-communications officer Tucker Raggio go to full-time in his position too to fill the void with Nathan going to deputy.”

Evans said this change will be “good news for the public” since now a deputy will be resident in those communities, which means they’ll be part of the community.  The deputies are expected to be able to provide more coverage and faster response, since each will have a sheriff’s car to respond with.  

Sheriff Evans noted that with these changes, staffing is at full operational level.

Look for the resident deputy in your community.  

Deputy Jacob Murray is now a full time resident deputy of the Sierra County Sheriff's
Department... and he will be residing in Verdi after the 15th of October.
Photo & caption courtesy Jim Concannon
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