Septic Regs Still Stink

New Septic Requirements Modified to “3 Tier System”  091510

Readers will remember SB 885 which provided an opportunity for bureaucrats at the State Water Resources Control Board. Originally, the SWRCB interpreted the law to mean that all septic tank owners would have to have their systems checked every 5 years, and installing new systems could be a nightmare.
Under the proposed system, there would be 3 tiers or areas, the first would be “low risk area”; the second an “increased risk area” and the third a “presently infiltrated area.”  
If you have a working septic tank and you’re in areas 1 and 2, you may flush without fear, unless you need a new system, then government agents will be over your property like ants on a dropped donut.  Worse yet, if you’re in area 3 there is no mercy, your system will be inspected for impact on the water quality and if found in violation, you may never go in your home again, unless you have the funding for an engineered system and endless government monitoring.  It would be easier to drive to the gas station to go.  
The first two areas will be administered by local government, which means more work for County environmental health folks, and greater expense for home-moaners.   The County, in particular, will be under scrutiny because the state will want to insure local county drones aren't giving cousins a break.  If someone on County retirement comes sniffing around your septic system, consign yourself to Thomas Crapper, patron saint of those who go.

The Thomas Crapper Shrine

Worse, if your pipe ends in area 3 ground, the SWRCB will sniff your stuff, checking to be certain you aren’t emitting too much material containing coliform bacteria or nitrates.

This is a little closer to what logic would dictate, but still not great news for those sitting in Sierraville and other low lying areas in the county.  

Stay tuned for more!

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