Schlefstein Local Hero

Local Guy Assists Auburn Cops 041611

Local guy and county supervisor Scott Schleffstein found himself in a position to help law enforcement Thursday, returning to the green serenity of the Sierra after a trip to the hellhole of Sacramento.

He had paused on his journey and was driving down an Auburn street when a man closely followed by a law enforcement officer dashed out into the street.  Suddenly, the police officer and the man became involved in a scuffle.  Scott jumped from his vehicle and ran to the scene, assisting the cop and telling the man not to resist.  The suspect calmed down and was cuffed.

Scott asked that we not blow this out of proportion, but that’s our job in news media, and we’re going to do it.

Though the cop seemed to be in no immediate danger, the suspect might have overcome the cop, meaning that maybe Scott saved the cop’s life.  And, once he’d overcome the cop nothing would have stopped the probably drug crazed criminal (who is of course presumed innocent until found guilty by twelve registered voters) from grabbing the cop’s gun and spraying bullets in to the crowd of slack-jaws who stood around watching while Scott perhaps risked his life.

We’ll say that Scott probably stopped a mass slaying, who knows?  We figure he’s a hero.


Look, up in the sky, it’s a bird, it’s a plane, it’s Scott Schlefstein.  Here’s a photo of the hero so you’ll

recognize him when you see him.



Here he is leaping a camp trailer in a single bound.


In his normal life as mild mannered Scott Schlefstein, he and his son Cody race motorcycles in the desert.

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