SNC Visit Kudos

Sierra Nevada Conservancy Visit Thanks 091510

Two weeks ago the Sierra Nevada Conservancy Visited Sierra County.  Some folks have wondered how this extravaganza was managed.

First, the Northern Sierra Partnership paid the greatest share of the costs.  Without their help, it is unlikely the county could have entertained the SNC Board and Staff.  Then, the County chipped in about fifteen hundred bucks, mostly for transportation and “hospitality” items like water and juice.   
Other people in the county helped in various ways; certainly the owner of Big Springs Gardens is owed a debt of thanks.  The Sierra County Fire Safe and Watershed Council was there, Tim Holabird from Congressman McClintock’s office was there, as was Jim Turner from SPI and a host of other people who met to explain how things are on the ground in the county.

It is not known how many rooms were rented because of the event, or how many people will come back now that they’ve been introduced to the beauty of Sierra County.

The Prospect thinks this was a very good thing indeed, and thanks NSP, Tim Beals and county staff, and especially the Board of the Sierra Nevada Conservancy for their participation.
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