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More Kudos:

Thank you to the Kentucky Mine Museum for the use of the "Monumental" gold replica and rocker and to Jack Stewart of Sierra City,  who allowed us the use of many treasured artifacts which gave our exhibit a authentic picture of a gold rush miner.

To Isabelle Geiger from Fox Parlor,  who used her talents to make the statement of purpose and labeling for the exhibit, thank you.

A big thanks to  Mary Ervin, who stayed with me until 2 A.M. on the last night of the fair for the tear down and let us find out just how much a Geo Tracker can hold.

For my daughter Derra and her sweetie Gabriel Walters who showed up to offer their help, and stayed until we were done, I love you both!

Apparently they had better judgment than I did.  Mary and I agree we don't know how we would have done it without them. 


Kathy Breed 


Sierra County Residents,
I hope that many of you made it to California's State Fair this year to see the great exhibit that represented Sierra County.  It provided a fun way for our county to show off its best.
It takes a village to pull this off and I would like to thank the following for their contribution with this undertaking:
To Sierra County and Tim Beals who used his own time to be sure that I received the help and materials needed.
The Alleghany Bad Boys, Ned Cusato, and Jim Buckbee, who gathered the old barn wood, beams and lumber and delivered them to the fairgrounds.  Their expertise and humor made the work fun. They along with Tom Potter from Downieville, also a skilled craftsman built the walls, old mineshaft and barrier around the exhibit.
With a bit of coaxing, I was able to get them to build something that was a bit out of the box and definitely not with a straight line.  They are some very tolerant men or maybe just cautious of the wacky lady giving directions.  P.S. I have your ants in a jar.
To the 16 to One Mine for the donation of beams and Paul & Sharon Dobija, for the barn wood and old lumber.   
Thanks to the group of artists, Lola Owens, Betty Thatcher, Rob Robson, Kathleen Goicoechea and Mike Leffingwell who did a great job in painting the rock back drop to the mine shaft. 
Davey Scott did a beautiful job in constructing the kiosk for our miner and brochure stand and yes that is Davey's voice you hear from the miner. 
He also scored big points when he stayed with me until the early hours of the morning as we fought with technical issues of the miner.
Bryce Penney, (my surrogate son) from KPAX-TV, was with us until late as well and helped the following day until we got our miner going.  Thank goodness for his expertise .  
To my friend, Larry Dorsett with American Landscaping from Rocklin, who built our wonderful live stream using Sierra County river rock.  It really added to the exhibit, providing a peaceful place for people to sit and enjoy our display.
To Billy Epps, who delivered the rock to us. A heavy, tough job ,thank you Billy.
With a great collection of photos from all over Sierra County, by many talented photographers, the old mine shaft showed what awaits visitors to Sierra County.
Lee Kirby, Mary and Brian Davey, our resident film producers, did an outstanding job. 
To Darby Hayes who graciously allowed the use of his projector and Kurt Johnson who fabricated a custom made enclosure for it.
Both Darby and Kurt were hijacked for further help that day.  Not that I really gave them a choice.
A big thanks to my cousin Janet Blake, who stopped by to see how we were doing and I put her to work as well.  She has a way of always showing up just when I need her.
To all of the volunteers who staffed the exhibit,  answering questions and sharing your knowledge, you are our ambassadors for Sierra County , and we thank you.
To Marie Silver and Mary Ervin who helped with securing the staffing.  Mary Ervin filled in for the second year in a row for all the days not covered.
I cannot forget Larry who worked extra double hard at the store during my absence to allow me the time for this. Thanks honey!
This endeavor was made possible by both the East Sierra Valley Chamber and the Sierra County Chamber of Commerces.  Together we made a decision to represent our beautiful County at the State Fair. This was a very positive experience for our county and  we hope to participate again in 2012. 
To be part of a committee for the 2012 exhibit (and we do need your help), with planning, building or staffing,  please contact me at (530-862-1560).
Congratulations to everyone.
Kathy Breed


The Sierra County Exhibit took a silver medal at the California State Fair!

It was a great exhibit and in my opinion was gold medal material...congratulations to Kathy Breed, the Chamber of Commerce and all others involved.  Those able to attend the awards ceremony on behalf of the County were Marie Silver, Mary Ervin, Sharon Dobija, Bryan Davey, Tim Beals, Larry Breed, Kathy Breed, and Dara Breed

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