SC Supes Meet on Budget
Supes Slash and Dash County Budget.
Courtesy of the Mountain Messenger Newspaper

A special, continued meeting of the Board of Supervisors 
was held in Downieville on Wednesday. Expecting the legislature’s 
failed budget hopes, the supes were prepared to receive some bad news.

Auditor Van Maddox refused to disappoint them. The best guess on the 
bad news, Maddox informed the board, is a $340,000 hole in next 
year’s revenues. Of course, that can change, Maddox reminded the 
board: it could get worse.

Despite pleas by Planning/ Public Works Director Tim Beals for a 
slower, considered, “global” approach to cuts and potential income, 
the supes had come with red pencils sharpened.

Postponing action, Chairman Bill Nunes warned, is just what got the 
state in trouble: prompt reductions would alleviate the pain that is 
sure to come.
Speaking in support of Beals, Auditor Maddox asked that staff be 

“Like it or not, we’re balancing the budget on the backs of 
employees. They should have as much say as possible,” Maddox told the 

The supes promptly slapped on a hiring freeze, forbade promotions or 
merit pay increases, and will soon prime County staff for upcoming 
furloughs. By raiding every pot of money, squirrelled away for 
potential disasters, and cutting staff time, the supes think they 
have found the necessary savings. Here we go again....
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