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posted 4/7/10


About the Loyalton Middle School Project…

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Readers concerned with Loyalton will recall that the city had an amount of money for parks and recreation, and several projects presented themselves. Some of the projects were sure things, like the bathrooms at Loyalton Park, newer, safer playground equipment, and one was more broad: turning the Middle School into the new community hub of Loyalton. People were going to look into things and get back.

We can’t wait for that. It could be weeks before there are any facts, and when we do get facts, they’re going to be modest, complicated, and imply a lot of hard work. That doesn’t make for the kind of journalism our readers want.

Instead, here are the rumors. We’ve quantified each rumor with a likelihood index, and an entertainment index. Ultimately, you be the judge:

  1. People are still working together to find ways to incorporate the Middle School back into the life of the community. Staff from the school district, the City,  Health and Human Services, County Planning and several private citizens are all involved to put bits of money together to use the facilities of the building. The gym, the bathrooms, the stage and kitchen area will receive funds from various sources and hopefully, not too far down the road, things will begin to happen, and eventually people and even children will be heard in the building again. Saving the school from the cumulative ravages of disuse will be a cooperative effort on the part of people who work for us, and who care about Loyalton and the Middle School.  There is a lot of hard work ahead to bring all the pieces together, and it will take support from the community, who might begin by supporting their City Council. In the meantime, so funding isn’t lost, the City Council will spend money on the existing recreational facilities, like some easily accessible bathrooms at the Loyalton Park.

    Likelihood index: 80 Entertainment index: 20

  2. The City is going to buy the Middle School and turn it into a recreation center, private offices, food court, and casino.

    Likelihood index: 0 Entertainment index: 0

  3. Health and Human Services is going to buy the Middle School and turn it into a monument to both socialism and neo-capitalism which will house: a Midnight Basketball center; a host of offices which will be filled by highly trained people from outside the county; a palatial HHS office with spa, bomb proof underground communication center, and an SOS worker to wave a fan for administrative staff. The building will house a war room from which HHS will plot the eventual purchase of all of Loyalton with the sole intention of taking it off the tax roles. It will also contain an "intervention center" which will use GoogleEarth technology, infrared cameras, long range microphones and laser sensors to pry and peer into every home in the county, but especially the home of Don Russell, Editor, The Mountain Messenger Newspaper.

            Likelihood index: 0 Entertainment index: 95  Ha!

The Gym: how many gallons of Sierra Valley kid sweat were produced in this gym?  A lot of local folks remember the smell of the gym; it's too nice a resource to let fall into decay.

It would be nice to see cars parked near the Middle School again.  If YOU would like to see something nice happen to the LMS let your City Council person, your supervisor, and your neighbors know you support a community effort.  If it can be done with state and federal dollars, so much the better.

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