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The Original 16:1 Mine (all photos courtesy of The Original 16:1

There is still gold in Sierra County, and still people persistent and flinty enough to get it from the ground. The Original 16:1 mine is an example, braving government involvement and economic uncertainty, and, oh yes, the vagaries and capriciousness of Mother Earth. The mine, open since 1896, has produced 1,000,000 ounces of gold, much of it as gem quality gold laced quartz.
The gold mining of yesteryear was dirty business, and placer mining in the Sierras finally led to changes in the law. Today, gold mining is much more science and much less wholesale shifting of dirt.
You can learn more about the Original 16:1 mine and make a reservation to tour the mine here:

What about the Sierras brought people flocking from all over the world? There are other interesting and informational links from the Original 16:1 site here:

Gold for sale! The Original 16:1 has some spectacular pieces

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