RAC Meets

The RAC met this Morning.  Although the reporter did not attend the whole
conversation, luckily this exchange was heard.
County Supervisor Lee Adams asked why the permanent communities in 
Sierra County such as Downieville, Goodyears Bar and Sierra City were 
not getting the same attention the summer home tracts were. After much 
discussion and a round and round conversation as to which came first 
the community responsibility or the USFS when national lands came 
right up to the edge of the property, Genese Froelich said there was a 
need for a "community wildfire protection plan" and they were working 
on it. Adams said he had brought this up a year ago and he was 
frustrated there has been no action.
RAC committee member, Linda Frost asked who the contact for the plan 
was and after another round of talk about how this community action 
plan was in the works, asked again "but who is the contact person?" 
She was referred to the CalFire website. Jim Johnston came to the 
conclusion that "if he wanted to buy a safe home in Sierra County, it 
should be in a summer home tract".

Rac Committee members ponder as Genese Froelich and Quentin Youngblood 

The group then moved on to the issue of noxious weed removal projects 
in the Sierra Valley.
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