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Let’s not sugar coat this, a recent poll by Public Policy Polling shows that about 9% of people polled agree with Rush Limbaugh that environmentalists caused the Deepwater Horizon oil spill. This means almost one in ten people asked accepted that an environmentalist (or eco-terrorist, depending on where you stand) group caused the Deepwater Horizon oil spill which is now gushing nearly three million gallons of oil a day into the Gulf of Mexico.

Engineer and petroleum extraction expert
Rush Limbaugh, preparing to "pick both my noses at once."

Investigators disagree with Limbaugh, they blame worker error for allowing a huge column of natural gas to develop beneath the 8 story drilling rig, which exploded when the gas/air mixture was right and any kind of spark, an electric motor, or a dropped tool, started the explosion.

As startling as it is that 9% believe the disaster was caused by environmentalists, even more depressing is that another 22% thought it might be possible. This means that one person in three who was asked, was willing to believe it was, or might be, the work of environmentalists.

The curve of normal distribution of intelligence:
half the people you know have less than "average" IQ,
and they think drilling six miles into the ocean floor for oil is a GOOD idea!

A solid 21% of those polled think drilling for oil is an even better idea now than it was! In other words, these people might well think that car crashes mean we should have more cars, and airplane crashes mean we need bigger, cheaper airplanes and no maintenance schedule.

Deepwater Horizon Oil Spill: proof
off shore oil drilling is a great idea. us gov photo

We can guess without testing that many of these same people think attacking Iraq was a good idea because they bombed the World Trade Center and they had missiles that could reach Portland. They are pretty sure there is no global warming, or if there is, it’s the sun doing it, because you can go out and feel how hot the sun is.

Rush and I went out side and discovered
the cause of global warming! The sun!  It makes
you feel very hot! 
This is why solar energy is bad!

It isn’t nice to make fun of stupid people, but how can any thinking person honestly believe that environmentalists caused the spill to turn everyone against off shore drilling? In the long run, it scarcely matters why the spill happened, can’t we take a lesson from it anyway? Adding all the costs of "cheap oil" is it really worth it? What if we took the billions the Deepwater Horizon spill is going to cost and devoted it to green energy infrastructure? Our excess forest fuel would be worth money!

Review the original study HERE:

See the Gulf oil spill yourself, and decide if OSOD is a good idea, HERE:


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