Questions Judges

Below are the questions for the judicial candidates.  All candidates have been provided the questions.
Note, some of the questions regard the U.S. Constitution.  We accept that the superior court will make rulings based on California law, and the Rights listed will not necessarily be the law appropriate to practice, but the principles of the Bill of Rights are the backbone of our freedom and specifies the liberties protected, and we want to know if the candidate understands those principles.

Here are the questions:

New reader question: Please explain your position on private property rights.

What kinds of law have you practiced, or positions have you held?

Do you believe that social science evidence substantiates the belief that all persons receive equal justice in court proceedings?

What would you use as determinants or criteria in setting bail?

Tell us your view on the war on drugs, its relative effectiveness as a social policy, its long term effects on the criminal justice system, the prison system, and the underclass.

Recently in California there have been increased efforts to deny gun ownership or to deny gun possession to citizens after some kinds of court actions. Where do you stand on gun ownership?

Where do you stand on medical cannabis? Do you use medical cannabis, and if not, would you, if you had a condition for which it brought more relief than chemical drugs?

Do you drink alcohol?

What social class would you say you are? What social class would you say your family was growing up?

Do you have children?

Have you ever been divorced?

Have you ever been in foster care?

Were either of your parents ever incarcerated?

What family law experience do you have?

What is your position on Court Appointed Special Advocates for children?

How well do you understand the letter, application, and consequence of federal laws governing child welfare?

Please define what you think an "injury" on a person is.

What experience do you have with rural life?

Do you believe rural culture is different from urban culture?

How do you believe criminal justice in rural areas and criminal justice in urban areas might be different?

How well do you know Sierra County?

How do you think crime in Sierra County is influenced by endemic poverty?

How do you think poverty effects being a parent?

What does the 1st Amendment protect?

What does the 2nd Amendment protect?

What does the 4th Amendment protect?

What does the 5th Amendment protect?

From where do individual liberties spring?

From where does the power of the government spring?

We think the current courtroom attire "dress code" is inflammatory and is intended to create a false "gravitas" around the court. Where do you stand on courtroom "dress codes"? (Question withdrawn)


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