Prospect Christmas list

Dear Santa: A Prospect Christmas List 122111


Dear Santa,

This is what I would like for Christmas:

All county workers being county residents.

A gifted and caring director of Health and Human Services.

A fully funded Secure Rural Schools bill.

Compensation to ranchers and farmers in the Sierra Valley for increased water monitoring and regulation.

Ganja, the Holy herb, is legal for medicine, food, fiber and seeking peace.

Steam coming from the Loyalton cogen plant, and trucks going back and forth burning fuel made at the plant, and the industrial park crowded with light manufacturing and agricultural products, and Michele Piller struck with amazement at the productivity and prosperity to which her vision has given fruit. 

The Forest Service return to the county.

Salmon in the Yuba, with compensation for ESA constraints for property owners, annual funding to advertise Sierra County for tourism, and an annual payment to the general fund amounting to .4% of Yuba Water Agency gross.

Funding from the state to institute an in-basin only boat program for all lakes in or bordering Sierra County, paid for from fishing license fees; the program would subsidize independent contractors so every significant lake in the county would have a variety of boats for rent at low cost, including electric motor and four cycle engine fishing boats.

Life and commerce in the Loyalton Hotel.

Kids filling county schools which are outfitted with dedicated computer service, and facilities for art, music and dance.

An end to the growing American police state.

A great owner for the lodge in Calpine.

Three restaurants in Downieville which are open all year long.

The Golden West once again a palace of beef to which people from everywhere would flock like hungry wolves.

A plan for maintaining local control over county of origin water rights.

Another couple of years of 60 hour a week service from Tim Beals.

Rodeos and music festivals in Sierraville.

The dissolution of Homeland Security into “smaller government”.

Second Amendment Rights in California.

Legislative affirmation that blood is thicker than water, that social workers can’t solve macro level social problems by medicating individuals, and that life is a crapshoot and there is a threshold beyond which helping no longer helps.

And end to groups which want to return the wilderness to Eden.

Every computer in the county set to as their home page.




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