Proposition Maybe

A Proposition We Might Support 010412


The Secretary of State has certified a new initiative for circulation, and we think it has potential. 


The wording of the initiative.

The measure makes it possible for public school kids to do distance learning, and it also allows that public, or private, providers can compete for the online education dollar.

That might be good for some, and bad for others.  For rural kids, it means they can take courses from larger high schools.  It means that the diploma they receive will be good for entry into college. 

On the other hand, the likelihood is that private education providers will swiftly sweep the market.  Education would become even more corporatized: more bland, more conservative, and more business friendly.  That corporate involvement in education has already been noted, as more and more schools buy “canned” educational information to replace expensive human teachers.

Regardless the dangers of corporate content, this measure might provide better education, and better preparation for the computer based lives our kids will live.

It’s early, but we think this one might fly.


Two other initiatives bear consideration. 


One allows marriage for any two people of the age of majority regardless of what’s in their shorts.  We think this will fly.


The second is a “shall issue” law for concealed weapons permits.  It states that any non-crazy law abiding citizen shall be issued a permit to carry, and without the requirement of long instruction.  Probably won’t pass in California.


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