Prop 8 Appeal

Standing to Appeal in Prop 8  081810

The Prospect recently reported that Judge Vaughn Walker had stricken Prop 8 "Bigotry in Marriage Law" because it denied people reasonable liberty and created a special class of person to discriminate against.

The judge issued a stay of his ruling awaiting appeal, but there is some doubt about who can appeal.

Proponents of innie-outie only style marriages who supported Prop 8 probably do not have standing because, in truth, the law doesn’t effect them.  Schwarzenegger has declared he won’t pursue the matter, and neither will Jerry Brown, the AG.  That would leave no one with standing to appeal, which means the ban would stand with no further challenge.

However, Imperial County, a small, impoverished county at the butt end of California, has decided to weigh in, claiming since they sell marriage licenses, they have standing.  The county is being represented by a Christian group for free.

The Prospect attempted to contact Imperial County Supervisor Jack Terrazas but was not successful.  However, Terrazas has been quoted in other media as saying he’s representing the voters of Imperial, the majority of whom do not support marriage equality.  

It is not clear how being homophobic is a Christian value.  There were twelve male apostles, statistically, at least one of them was gay (we’re guessing Peter, because he was afraid to come out of the closet as a Christian); include Jesus in his male son-of-man form and the likelihood increases.  Let him step forward who can state with certainty that Jesus was not gay.

That would be Jack Terrazas, apparently, from Imperial County, California. 

Proponent of innie-outie only marriage, Jesus "Jack" Tarrazas.

In addition to being a rather poor example of a Christian, Terrazas is a terrible example of a patriot.  It’s called “separation of church and state,” Jack, part of the “freedom of/freedom from religion” we all enjoy. 

It is possible IC can't actually accept lawyer money from a religious organization.  We'll keep you posted.
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