The Prospect Prognosticator Pre-Election Results 103110

The Prospect confidently predicts the following outcomes on Tuesday’s election:

Governor:        Jerry Brown
Senate:         Boxer
Prop 19:         Yes
Prop 20:         No
Prop 21:         Yes
Prop 22:        Yes
Prop 23:        Almost evenly split
Prop 24:        Yes
Prop 25:         Yes
Prop 26:        Yes
Prop 27:        No

The Prospect is so confident in these predictions because they come from the Secretary of State’s Mock Election, in which is found HERE.
 The Mock election takes place in over 600 public schools; the results are probably the most predictive poll there is, since children generally mirror their parent’s political and social views.

There aren’t too many surprises; Brown is better known; Boxer is the incumbent.

On our own, we’ll predict that Evans will take sheriff; McClintock will keep his seat; District 5 is too close to call, and so is the judicial.

Good luck, everyone!    
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