Pope Picks on Girls

Papa Takes On the Girls 053012


His Holiness Pope Benedict XVI is taking on the girls.

First, he’d taken on a group of nuns, specifically the Leadership Conference of Women Religious, which is composed of nun leaders and represents over 45,000 nuns.  In 2008 and 2009 the church leadership “investigated” American nuns to see if they are nunly enough in terms of doctrine, lifestyle and POLITICS. 

Clearly his Holiness doesn’t understand that here in America women can vote!  They don’t vote the way their husband or papa tells them, they vote and take part in politics as they wish.

Benedict himself has no problem getting involved in American politics, and has been actively working for political influence in matters of gay and lesbian marriage and the use of contraceptives. 

Papa and the boys in Rome want American nuns to stop their “feminist” ways, and follow the leadership of the good old American Bishop Boys.  The Pope is sending some guys to do an intervention, literally, with the radfem nuns.

Catholics around the U.S. agree with the LCWR and support their right to modernity.  There has been a groundswell of support and some pastors are calling for less intervention from Rome.

The Pope senses radical feminism in another notoriously anarchist group, the Girl Scouts.  Given the news of generations of homosexual abuse of children in the priesthood, we can only assume the mistake the nuns and Girl Scouts are making is that they are girls!

The most right-wing of the Catholic administrative hierarchy have sent a bishop to investigate the Girl Scouts; maybe while he’s there he’ll enjoy a brownie.  It’s not clear what right the Pope has to investigate the Girl Scouts, particularly since the Church has, for more than a decade now, resisted investigation itself, not only over pedophile priests, but over unsavory business dealings Christ’s Church on Earth has been engaging in.  When the shady dealings were revealed, the Pope punished everyone who might have leaked the information.  So, anyway, this is the guy who is going to “investigate” the Girl Scouts for being radical feminists and insisting all people be treated equally.  One troop accepted a 7 year old transgender child, and other troops have supported OxFam, which supplies contraception as well as food to women in developing countries.  His holy Old Fartness can’t abide compassion like that.

It isn’t clear, in 2012, what the GS has to lose by cutting ties with Rome except for a lot of crap. The relationship between Catholics and the Girl Scouts goes back 100 years to the founding of GS in 1912.  The Church has administered to Catholic Scouts and furthered Girl Scouts in general. 

A hundred years ago is about where the former Hitler Youth Benedict still lives.  Rather than prepare girls for the real world, he’d rather prepare them for the past.  It’s almost impossible to be disturbed enough about Benedict’s hubris.  This man has the greatest bully pulpit in the world, and he uses it to pick on gays, nuns and little girls.  Can't he turn his criticism to war, to economic inequality, or to the mistreatment of the poor and indigenous people?

Good luck, Girls!

"When I feed the poor they call me a saint; when I ask why the poor are hungry, they call me a communist."
Dom Hélder Pessoa Câmara, Brazilian Archbishop (link)

"Remembering Dom Hélder Camara is poignant in these times when the Vatican bureaucracy is headed by Benedict XVI, who, as Cardinal Ratzinger, oppressed the Latin American church precisely because of its identity with the poor."  From Barry Healy, link above.

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