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Always wash your hands after!  Pope Benedict, source unknown

Pope Benedict the XVI said, in a round about way, that the use of condoms to prevent the spread of AIDS was permitted because preventing disease is more important than avoiding the sin of sex with a gummy on.  He made a series of statements in an extended interview which seem to lead to this conclusion.

The statement has thrown the Catholic World into confusion as conservative Catholics continue to insist that sex without the intention of procreation is a sin.  The Catholic Church has allowed women to use the “rhythm method” largely because it scarcely works.  Not only can a woman literally become pregnant even during her “period”, sperm remain viable for up to three days, meaning though she wasn’t “receptive” when she had sex, if she ovulates soon enough, she’ll still become pregnant (statistically, it will be a girl in that event).  

How to put a gummy on, from HERE

However, the fact that the Pope, a supposedly celibate male in his early 80s with four “consecrated women” to care for his personal needs, would allow one method to discourage pregnancy but forbid others has always seemed disingenuous.  If the principle is that sex is only for procreation, then shouldn’t every means of thwarting God’s law be a sin?  But, no, only the ones that actually work.

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Pope Benedict, born Joseph Aloisius Ratzinger, made remarks in an extremely long interview with a German journalist.  The remarks have been interpreted to mean that, if you’re already sinning by having sex without the intention of pregnancy (gays, for example) you might as well use a condom, the sin added won’t be that much more.  Church spokespeople have quickly corrected the interpretation, insisting the Pope didn’t mean people could use condoms “willy-nilly” so to speak.  

A devout homophobe, Pope Benedict is famous for saying that it is as important to stop homosexuality as it is to preserve the rainforest, probably resulting in some highly conflicted gay Catholic environmentalists.  The “Holy Father” has also worked internationally to prevent the legal recognition of same sex marriage, something that is clearly none of his business, as his realm is the spiritual, not the political.  Let him tend his own flock, and forbid them what he likes, but not make laws for non-Catholics.  His remarks early in his career also indicate the Benedict XVI is sexist.  

In general, Ratzinger has demonstrated that he holds the views of his age-cohort, that his rigid (some say Nazi) upbringing with his devout Catholic police chief father has caused him to be predictably inflexible.  Ratzinger was conscripted at 14 into the Hitler Youth and later as a shell-carrier for an anti-aircraft unit, and then was an infantryman.  In fairness, he was held to be a lousy soldier and Wiki reports that his father was anti-Nazi because he felt it conflicted with the Catholic Church.  

American Catholics were once among the more moderate of Christian voters, and American Bishops among the most liberal of Catholic Bishops, but pressure from the Vatican in the 1980s and 90s moved the American church further to the right.  Currently, American Catholics, while still often registering as Democrats, often jump fence and vote for Republican candidates, especially when abortion is made an issue in the campaign.  The American Catholic Church, like the Church in Rome, wants complete control over a woman’s reproductive decisions.  

By all means, see how Catholics are supposed to vote HERE

There is still a lot of confusion left by the Pontiff’s remarks.  Can non-gay couples use a condom if one of them has AIDS, or must the partner contract AIDS in the spirit of making more Catholics?  What if the female partner is Catholic, and the male partner is not and uses a condom, is the Catholic female still committing a sin, even though her ovaries are open for business?  Can Catholic couples use a condom to prevent AIDS as long as they poke a hole in the end?  Surely many old, celibate men and women will sit in discussion of what God’s plan is for the condom.  

Though there is disagreement about what the Pope meant, there is hope that those fighting AIDS abroad in Catholic countries will have a new and useful tool in reducing infection.  

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