Plumas BOS Road Funds

Plumas County Board of Supervisors Owe for Misuse of Funds 

QLG Forester Frank Stewart was paid with road fund dollars, a violation of the terms of the funds.  According to Plumas County Administrative Officer Jack Ingstad, the Board might be liable for up to $320,000 for recent years and up to $240,000 from previous years bringing the total to nearly $560,000.

The problem revolves around the use of the funds, which are constrained, as many such funds are.  While some of Mr. Stewart’s duties might have been appropriate, no participation in what could be called “lobbying” can be paid for with the funds.  
The Board was informed in 2002 that the funds couldn’t be used for Mr. Stewart’s efforts.  

Several current PCBOS supervisors were quick to point out that these inappropriate funds weren’t approved under their watch, and Quincy Supervisor Lori Simpson is quoted by Plumas News as saying she’s upset that this board has to rectify these funds while undergoing hardship from the current economic downturn.  She made an approved motion to conduct an investigation, though likely the culprits have long since retired or been voted out.

Mr. Stewart at one time represented seven or eight counties, serving primarily on the Quincy Library Group and from his capacity as a member of the California Fire Safe Council.  Mr. Stewart continues to work for Sierra County, though here he is not paid with road funds.  Director of Public Works Tim Beals has a record of objecting to the use of road funds for non-road purposes, and to using restricted funds for lobbying.  As a result of oversight by Mr. Beals, Van Maddox, and County Council Jim Curtis, the SC Board is well informed on the limitations of state and federal funds.

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