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Kathryn Kelley has been a victim of a Justice system gone astray. Ms. Kelley’s Civil Rights have been violated by Sierra County Officials and she is exercising her Constitutional rights as a Citizen of these United States to legally seek redress against Sierra County and its agents and employees.

She was arrested, detained and incarcerated on many occasions without probable cause. She has spent over $50,000.00 fighting the charges against her that have since been dismissed. She has been harassed, defamed and forced into bankruptcy over the series of events that she has faced.

She was the victim of conspiracy, sexual battery, larceny, assault, battery and slander. Nearly every time someone complained of her actions, the District Attorney prosecuted her to the full extent of the law, yet all of her complaints or citizen’s arrests were summarily dismissed by District Attorney Allen despite the fact that the Sheriff’s Reports contained more compelling evidence against her perpetrators than the charges filed against her.

Kathryn Kelley should be applauded as a brave woman who is standing up for her Rights and the rights of all citizens. All correspondence can be addressed to this office.


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