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The Prospect Political Party Score

Though there are two new parties emerging, the Move-on.org wing of the Democratic party, and the TEA Party wing of the Republican party, the two old timers still call the score.

Here is how our Fringe Editor rates the parties on individual freedoms (numerical score on scale of 1-10; 10 being preferred):

                                         Republican            Democrat

Firearms                                     7                2
Speech                                         3                4
Assisted Suicide                         2                4
Cannabis/drug choice               2                4
Religion                                       ?                ?
Due Process                               3                3
Property Rights                         6                4
Reproductive Rights*               2                6
Laborer rights                            1                4
Marriage Equality                     1                4

*Reproductive rights are complicated.  Who has rights?  The embryo?  The mother?  The father?  Once the child is born it and the father have rights, but it is the mother who gives up part of her vitality and risks her life to carry the child to term (while pregnancy is natural and generally safe, the likelihood of complications are notable).  

Free Speech Zone, from HERE 
In my view, neither party works very hard for the individual liberties we were promised in the Constitution.  
The Republicans are simply about corporations and money.  Democrats are about social order.  

How do you rate the parties?  Below is a blank chart; Fill it out, copy it to an email and send it to meditor@sierracountyprospect.com .  We will tally the charts, if enough come in, but your name will be separated from the data; no one will know what you submitted.

        Republican            Democrat

Assisted Suicide        
Cannabis/drug choice    
Due Process            
Property Rights        
Reproductive Rights    
Laborer rights        
Marriage Equality        
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