Peter gets Pissed

Letter from Supervisor Peter Huebner:

To the responsible people at the Forest Service!

This is the last time the forest service has pulled another inhuman action in Sierra County; and my district. You just lost a good supporter of the Forest Service in general, thank you Tom, Ann and Greg for your apologies, I will NOT accept them. Your actions in my district are compared to the German Gestapo by the phone calls I've received in the last 24 hours, and I have to agree with my people on this.

To send Don, ( just one name) with only his backpack on his way out of the camp (home) during a winter storm... to where? He is one of the proudest people I have met in a long time. If I would have had only one day to talk to him (and the others), to help them find shelter, it would have been a little better for them; but you took that choice from all of us. I will never forget that inhuman treatment from all of you at the Forest Service.

We are talking about humans you know, but it looks to me like you just don't care, the animals in our forest have more rights than we do!

There is something wrong with you people, don't you have any feelings at all?

I will promise you; this is not the end to this matter for me, and I will hold you responsible for your actions including not getting the proper permits in Sierra County, or any of the actions you took.

No more apologies please, let's get some human actions here.

Your frustrated Sierra County Supervisor in District two

Peter W Huebner

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