Pet Chip Help

Pet Chip Help
Friends of Ziggy

$15.95 free shipping to anywhere in the U.S.
(530) 862-1004

Do you need help getting your pet chipped?

The "chip" is a very tiny device that is put under your pet’s skin. It gives off a radio signal when prompted that provides information about the owner, so your pet can be returned to you if it is lost. Having your pet chipped could save you hundreds if your pet is picked up, because local deputies can read the chip, identify you and give you a chance to reclaim your pet before it goes to Truckee. It costs about $45 and will last almost forever.

If you need help getting to Beckwourth to the vet, or if you need financial help, we might be able to lend a hand. Funds are limited, but friends who need help will be helped if possible. Please call (530) 448 9092.

This is a community effort by Peter Huebner, Friends of Ziggy and Sierra County Prospect.

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