Pennies for Patients

Pennies for Patients

Loyalton Middle School students participated in the Pennies For Patients program for the 11th year during February. The program, sponsored by the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society, raises money for research and treatment of blood cancer patients. Students set a goal of $1000 for this year. Students managed to exceed their goal, raising a total of $1255.

Teacher Mark Fisher's Leadership class can claim a large part of the success. Carefully planning by students Bret Colberg, Bryant Doyle and Samantha Hall gave students the motivation and encouragement they needed.

For meeting the goal, the school's three teachers agreed to dye their hair. Pictured above are Susan Baker (teal), Camille Alfred (magenta) and Mark Fisher (green). Student leaders also rose to the occasion. The team that earned the most money enjoyed a chance to throw apple and cherry pies at the Olympic team captains.

Team captains get ready for the pies to be launched. Left to right: Tristan Studer, Bryant Doyle, Jimmy Morrison, Hayden Ketchum, Bret Colberg, Sami Guidotti, Gavin Whitley

Thanks to everyone that supported this year's Pennies For Patients drive.
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