Oooowww, my feelings are hurt! 042810

I’ve heard from candidates who didn’t care for our coverage of them at the first Candidates’ Night in Loyalton. Most of them, in fact, didn’t care for our treatment of them.

Here’s what we forgot to say about each of you: "S(He) would make a remarkable (fill in office here), and should be head of MENSA, and looks hotter now than when they were 19, please be sure to vote for (him or her)."

There is a reason people use terms like "throw their hat in the ring" for the election process. That is a reference to the old days when men could fight each other if they wanted to, and a boxer would literally throw their hat in the ring to seek a fight.

The fight is only partially with the other candidates, there is also a struggle for public opinion. A good journalist doesn’t make a pretense at objectivity, but at the same time, the subjectivity she or he produces should be meaningful and have a broad applicability. By this we mean that, while the editorial remarks in the piece aren’t completely unbiased, they still represent a critical point of view.

In short, even my mother wouldn’t get a break if she were running for office. We stated up front that the "winner" of the candidates’ debate wouldn’t necessarily be the best person for the office, and we’ve said what brave boys and girls everyone is for running for office. Even so, being a candidate means never asking people to say they’re sorry.


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