Occupy Quincy



Occupy Quincy has demonstrated four times to show solidarity with the Occupy Wall Street Movement. Representing the 99%, demonstrators have gathered on Wednesday afternoons at Dame Shirley Park since October 12.

            Passing vehicles have had mixed reactions, but quite a few honks and waves suggest the movement has local support. The Occupy Quincy presence is increasing Plumas County residents’ awareness of the Occupy Wall Street Movement.

            Informal discussions at get-togethers prior to the demonstration give participants equal opportunity to share many perspectives as to what ails our nation and the world.  The one clear theme is the acknowledgment that our American democracy is badly compromised.

            At a discussion held on November 2, Linda Bailey of Taylorville summarized the situation. “We’re in big trouble if we let the nation go in the direction it’s going.” Judy Houck of Quincy concluded the hour-long, 11 person roundtable conversation saying, “I don’t feel alone anymore."

            Occupiers have come to Dame Shirley Plaza and the planning meetings that precede the demonstrations from as far away as Westwood, Genesee, Tobin, Sierra City, Greenville, Greaegle, and Cromberg.

Occupy Wall Street Friends - Several things to discuss amongst us-all.  

1)    Facebook has not been 100% inclusive.  Therefore, we are all in the cc line of this email.  To communicate, discuss and share better, please use the REPLY ALL line to communicate to all of us.   If you WANT your email address in the BCC line and not the CC line, email back and we'll make that change.  Only one person to date  has said BCC , and they are now in the BCC. 
2)  Lets share and talk lots:   ALREADY, the world has changed because of the Occupy Wall Street Movement. the banks backed off of some fees.  And the people shifted money to local banks and credit unions Saturday. -- There is so much good information and so many youtubes of interest, let's share them. 
3)  Press Release:  Last Wed, 11 people agreed that a press release to Feather Publishing was appropriate and then during the demonstration we all talked more and no-one objected, so 5 people worked up a press release and we submitted it.  See below.  
4)  More discussions are being asked for. We need warm meeting places at various times, in various locations.  Strong Positive Feedback: By conservative estimates, about 2/3's of passing vehicles clearly give positive responses, but it's hard to document. And the number of active participants grows.
5)  SHARE YOUR STORIES:  Plumas Co. resident Mike Reagan's son is at Occupy Wall Street in NY. He has been sending messages and these will now be forwarded to you. They are first hand accounts of total engagement. See below.
6)  Spread the word. - I asked a young waitress in Ukiah what people in Ukiah thought about Occupy Wall Street. She said she hadn't heard of it.  I went to her a little later and ask if the management instructed the waitresses to say that they didn't know.  She convinced me she really didn't know anything about the Occupy Movement. I urged her to google Occupy Wall Street. She told me she doesn't have the web at home. She can't even afford a cell phone.  She'll try to google it on the bar computer before she goes home, but management prevents much personal use of the business computer. 
7)  We are doing great!   Santa Rosa only does public demonstrations on Saturdays.  Sacramento has a relies on weekends for it's mass demonstrations. They go to City Council meetings and speak at the public comment segment of the meeting. Ukiah has on occupation going now too, but again, the presence is small. (THese are the locations I have personal knowledge of. ) By population, Plumas County is incredibly strong. 
9)  Wed, Nov 9 will be the 5th week.  JOIN US. -- 3pm Alley Cat for Discussion. 4pm at Dame Shirley to Demonstrate.  -- Don't hesitate to call a meeting and see who comes. It's all good.  We have much to learn.    SEE BELOW -- Thanks, This message is from Trish Taylor in Quincy

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